Erika Girardi: Says Rhobh Is Her Main Source Of Income, Reveals Lawyers Advised Her To Quit - Watch Now

Erika Girardi: Says Rhobh Is Her Main Source Of Income, Reveals Lawyers Advised Her To Quit - Watch Now

Erika Girardi, Says, Rhobh,

"I don't have anything to hide," she stated all through Wednesday's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion

Erika Girardi's existence seems an entire lot special now that ex-husband Tom Girardi is not a crucial part of her existence.

During the primary part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' four-component reunion Wednesday, Erika, 50, stated the Bravo hit is her number one supply of earnings considering submitting for divorce in November 2020.

"Yeah, unfortunately, it's miles. You know, this is extra now of a consideration," she stated. "Back then, while we have been capturing the show, I became actually looking to survive. So now that we are here, yes — that has come extra into consideration."

Next weighing in on lovers who have cautioned she be "fired" from RHOBH, Erika stated, "No, why must I be fired?"

"Why are we presuming that I've carried out something? Why are not we letting the felony technique play out? You've heard one side, and quite a few bulls--- is on that side," she continued. "Give me a danger to shield myself. Watch me. I'm geared up for the challenge, watch me do it."

Though Erika's termination from RHOBH isn't always on the horizon, she claimed her lawyers recommended her to go out of the collection amid the continuing felony drama. (Multiple complaints surfaced following her and Tom's divorce submitting, which include one wherein Erika and Tom, 82, are being sued for allegedly embezzling cash from folks that misplaced cherished ones in a Boeing aircraft crash. Tom became additionally sued through his former commercial enterprise partners, ensuing in the Chapter 7 financial ruin case.)

"I stated no due to the fact I don't have anything to hide," she stated. "And they stated, 'Well, you already know that this s--- can get flipped around on you.'"

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Clarifying her statement, Erika added, "Everything may be parsed, twisted, became and yes, in all likelihood used towards you. Whether it's miles genuine or now no longer, it nearly would not even count number at this point."

While Erika admitted she pondered leaving the show, she remained on board due to the fact she desired to "honor" her commitment. "I wasn't going to run far from what is coming at me," she added.

Elsewhere withinside the reunion, Erika addressed the diverse issues in her former marriage. She spoke approximately now no longer receiving assist from Tom over the years, declaring how he in no way examine her Pretty Mess memoir and the way he failed to attend her Broadway debut in Chicago.

With that in mind, host Andy Cohen then wondered why Erika selected to now no longer go away Tom faster given his alleged affairs.

"The dishonesty is part of it. There is a lot extra there," she claimed. "And I stated to Tom, 'If you're in love with a person else, divorce me and move to be with her.'"

Erika claimed Tom had no reaction to her declaration.

The episode concluded with Andy, 53, asking Erika approximately whether or not she "became faithful" to Tom. She did now no longer offer a solution earlier than the ultimate name card appeared.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion maintains Wednesday (eight p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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