Danileigh Vs Dababy Fights: Calls Cops, Kicks Out Baby Mama: As She Feeds Their Kid

Danileigh Vs Dababy Fights: Calls Cops, Kicks Out Baby Mama: As She Feeds Their Kid

Danileigh Vs Dababy

Danileigh Vs Dababy

DaBaby and DaniLeigh‘s dating drama performed out on social media on Sunday night (November 14), ensuing withinside the police being known as to DaBaby’s domestic.

Just days after the singer and version supported the North Carolina rapper’s new Back On My Baby Jesus Shit Again EP, combat erupted among the on-once more, off-once more couple, wherein DaBaby seemingly kicked DaniLeigh and their 3-month-vintage daughter out of his domestic.

The dispute has become public whilst DaBaby by some means was given ownership of DaniLeigh’s telecellsmartphone and recorded her on Instagram Live all through a heated argument. In the video, she may be visible feeding their new child toddler on a mattress because the pair change insults.

DaBaby may be heard calling DaniLeigh “cuckoo” even as Dani calls Baby “a fucking coward” and attempts to attain for the telecellsmartphone.

Shortly after the Instagram Live broadcast, DaBaby issued an announcement on his Instagram Story explaining he recorded DaniLeigh to defend his “safety” and “reputation” even as accusing her of making “a couple of threats of putting up [an] net scheme” and “refusing to now no longer allow me to move me.”

He additionally claimed he has “been beat on and yelled at” through the “Easy” famous person all through their tumultuous dating, which they broke off in February. However, he clarified that he doesn’t intend to press fees and known as the police definitely to have her eliminated from his domestic peacefully.

Looking to keep away from some other Rolling Loud controversy, DaBaby wrote, “My group could be in touch with any and absolutely everyone we’re in commercial enterprise with who [may] want clarification.”

DaBaby’s announcement didn’t take a seat down nicely with DaniLeigh, who published her personal Instagram Story message sharing her facet of the story.

She claimed the argument stemmed from her ordering Plan B — a morning-after pill — to DaBaby’s domestic because the couple now no longer use safety all through sex.

That cause the 29-year-vintage rapper to allegedly order her and their daughter to go away from his crib, in which they’ve been residing for the reason of that toddler’s delivery in August.

“This all is going to mention that this guy is a fucking coward !!!!!” she wrote. “Fuck u, Baby!!! And rattling I simply shoulda just listened to the cap ass net approximately this guy!!! … And I'm sorry to my toddler that her father is kicking her out of her domestic at three months.”

DaniLeigh later jumped on Instagram Live to in addition cope with DaBaby’s announcement, accusing him of being a negligent father notwithstanding announcing he “nonetheless was given a queen to rise.”

“Of route, it escalated and he needs to place up an announcement speak me approximately, ‘Oh, it saddens me that I even have a queen to raise,'” she stated. “Fuck you! You ain’t even been right here this complete time that I’ve had this child.”

In one clip, DaniLeigh may be visible being escorted out of DaBaby’s domestic through police officers.

In a separate Instagram Story, DaniLeigh wrote, “Ladies. Never allow a person to do u like this. I pray for my daughter by no means gotta move via a few like this with whoever she finally ends up with!!! This guy left me once I became pregnant… Of route, I desired my toddler to realize her dad, however, wow…. Just so he can do his hoe ass now, after 3 months.

“He speaks bout a ‘love affair’ as though I’m delusional .. Lemme move head and submits textual content msgs, pictures, mf videos !!!! I’m sleeping with my toddler in my arms, he gon say ‘Y’all need to go away’ fucking coward ass!!!!”

DaBaby replied on his Instagram Stories by insinuating DaniLeigh is loopy, evaluating her to Lynn Whitfield’s man or woman from the 1996 Martin Lawrence movie A Thin Line Between Love and Hate “mixed” with Allison Williams’s position in 2017’s Get Out.

He additionally published a quick video addressing the state of affairs, announcing, “This is a few actual deal Hollywood shit… But it’s all good, y’all simply don’t be fooled, don’t be distracted. Don’t be fooled, guy.”

Things didn’t stop there. DaniLeigh later lower back to Instagram Live, wherein she broke down over the state of affairs even as protecting herself from assumptions approximately her man or woman.

“I simply experience like it’s so unfair this case, due to the fact this complete time I’ve been not anything however immediately with this guy. I’ve attempted, attempted, attempted. Nothing however genuine, natural love for this guy from the jump,” she stated even as crying. “I attempted to make it paintings for my toddler … however this ain’t the exceptional state of affairs at all, bro. I deserve a lot better.”

She added, “He’s good enough with having five, six toddler mothers. Like, Nah. I became introduced up different.”

DaniLeigh persevered to place DaBaby on blast as she slammed him for shamelessly peddling his new Back On My Baby Jesus Shit Again EP, which dropped remaining Friday (November 12), and upcoming Live Show Killa Tour in his authentic announcement.

“Lame ass the use of this case to sell his EP/tour… Literally placing the date on his ‘announcement’ my God... My terrible toddler was given a lameeeeee for a father rattling,” she wrote in a separate Instagram Story.

She additionally claimed songs from the EP, “Stuck Up” and “Levels,” are approximately her. “Everyone move experience the show! And concentrate on ‘Stuck Up / Levels’ which became written approximately me. Since I’m the loopy one on this ‘love affair.'”

DaniLeigh additionally had phrases for some other of DaBaby’s toddler mothers, MeMe, who published a video on Instagram acting to cope with the unfolding drama among her and the Blame It On Baby hitmaker.

“Lame ass complain ain’t even met me in character however continually wanna speak at the net! You realize in which I’m at love !!!” Dani commented below a submit of MeMe’s video, which borrows lyrics from Yung Miami’s “Rap Freaks.”

MeMe clapped back, “LMFAOOO, you completed gambling sufferer now? Girl doesn’t play yourself. You know precisely what its miles w. Me … Make me drop receipts from the messages & emails you’ve sent. And Nah I don’t, what motel are you going to?”

DaniLeigh later took the spat to her Instagram Stories, writing, “Why whenever I’m viral this lady wanna submit approximately me???!!!! U realize in which if I am!!! I even have reached out to u to be cordial masses of times!!! No one stole ‘your guy’ purpose he wasn’t yours! Watch his interviews, shit watch yours !!!

“You so mf tight that I’m with him u can’t wait till I go away so he can fuck on u and the relaxation of those Charlotte hoes! U just certainly considered one among them !! Like he’s instructed me!! Stop the use of my call for clout so u can submit ur length panties and if u wanna communicate with me – hyperlink me.”

The very last phrase on this messy saga (as of press time) got here withinside the early hours of Monday morning (November 15) whilst DaniLeigh published an image of her keeping the Plan B emergency contraceptive that she claims kickstarted the whole argument.

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