Johnny Depp: Testifies Against His Ex-wife Amber Heard For A Second Day

Johnny Depp: Testifies Against His Ex-wife Amber Heard For A Second Day

Johnny Depp

Actor Johnny Depp again to the witness stand in a Virginia court docket on Wednesday, an afternoon after he first testified in opposition to his ex-spouse Amber Heard, whom he's suing for defamation for $50 million after she accused him of home abuse.
Under thinking with the aid of using his attorney, Depp defined to the jury how he and Heard could have interaction in lengthy verbal fights, pronouncing she again and again criticized him as being a awful father and used a "rapid-fire, kind of limitless parade of insults" in opposition to him.
"I changed into all at once simply wrong — approximately everything," Depp stated. He later introduced, "Ms. Heard changed into not able to be wrong. It simply did not happen."

Both of them started out recording their fights, he stated, when they disagreed over what changed into stated. He accused Heard of "appearing for the tape" withinside the recordings and of looking to surreptitiously report him, mentioning that there "changed into some thing barely rotten withinside the kingdom of Denmark, because it have been."
Depp once more denies abusing Heard, and discusses drugs
Depp reiterated that he by no means bodily abused Heard — a key factor withinside the case being heard in a Fairfax County courthouse.
"Violence changed into unnecessary," he stated. "Why could you hit a person to cause them to accept as true with you? I do not assume it works."

In testimony on Tuesday, Depp stated, "by no means did I myself attain the factor of placing Ms. Heard in any manner, nor have I ever struck any girl in my life," which he repeated once more on Wednesday.
On each days, Depp testified approximately the early days of his dating with Heard, his drug use and his childhood. On Wednesday, Depp additionally stated Heard occasionally drank closely and used drugs — ecstasy (MDMA) and mushrooms.
Depp stated his efforts to enter rehab, and to loose himself of alcohol and drugs. But he alleged that once he requested Heard to end consuming, she refused.

Fight over a post-nuptial deal caused a bloody damage, Depp stated
When they married in early 2015 , the couple did not have a prenuptial settlement in place, Depp stated. He introduced that his try to attain a post-nuptial settlement with Heard disappointed her, placing off a string of arguments in Australia, in which Depp changed into filming the modern-day film withinside the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Heard arrived in Australia in March 2015, Depp stated.
"What truly amazed me changed into that she stored pronouncing, 'I'm now no longer even on your will,' " he stated. "I notion that changed into an atypical component to say."

Depp stated he locked himself in a rest room to escape from Heard, a state of affairs he stated again and again in his testimony.
Depp then went to the bar withinside the residence in which he changed into staying, pouring pictures of vodka for himself. When Heard determined him, he stated, she threw the bottle at him. "It simply went proper beyond my head and smashed in the back of me," Depp stated.
He grabbed some other, large bottle of vodka and poured himself some other drink. He sat returned down, and Heard grabbed that bottle and threw it at him as well, hitting his hand, he stated.

Positioning himself in courtroom docket to reenact a scene wherein his hand changed into sitting on the threshold of the bar, Depp stated it took him a second to comprehend his finger changed into badly hurt.
The bottle "made contact" and shattered, Depp stated, including that he then noticed that "the top of my finger have been severed, and I changed into searching without delay at my bones sticking out."

Blood started out pouring out, he stated. "Nothing made sense," Depp stated, calling it the nearest he has come to a anxious breakdown.
"I began out to put in writing with my blood — in my personal blood — at the partitions. Little reminders from our beyond" that he stated represented "lies that I had stuck her in."

The damage to Depp's handcrafted headlines in 2015, because it pressured a prolonged put off in filming the 5th Pirates of the Caribbean film, in what manufacturers defined as an off-set incident.
Depp stated he lied to docs withinside the neighborhood emergency room, "due to the fact I did not need to disclose" what had happened.

Heard's essay approximately home abuse sparked the lawsuit
In December of 2018, Heard wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post voicing her assist for the Violence Against Women Act. In it, she drew on her personal reviews as a survivor of sexual attack and home abuse.
The essay did not without delay discuss with Depp with the aid of using name, however his 2019 courtroom docket grievance states, "the op-ed it seems that changed into approximately Ms. Heard's purported victimization after she publicly accused her former husband, Johnny Depp, of home abuse in 2016, whilst she seemed in courtroom docket with an reputedly battered face and received a transient restraining order in opposition to Mr. Depp."
Depp is suing Heard for 3 counts of defamation, mentioning her op-ed that changed into posted on The Washington Post internet site and in its print newspaper, in addition to Heard's posting a hyperlink to the piece thru her Twitter account.

Depp is in search of at least $50 million in compensatory damages and a punitive award of at least $350,000, in conjunction with lawyers' costs and courtroom docket costs.

Johnny Depp accused his former spouse, Amber Heard, of instigating fights to meet a want for warfare as he resumed his testimony Wednesday morning withinside the trial of the defamation lawsuit he filed in opposition to her.
Depp is suing Heard for over an essay she wrote for The Washington Post in 2018, wherein she stated she had come to be a “public determine representing home abuse.” Although the object by no means mentions Depp with the aid of using name, his lawyers stated it not directly refers to allegations she made in opposition to him at some stage in their 2016 divorce.
During his morning testimony, Depp alleged that Heard changed into in truth the instigator in their arguments and now and again escalated their fights to bodily violence.

"It changed into now no longer intended to assist the connection it changed into intended to feed her want for warfare," Depp stated. "She has a want for warfare, she has a want for violence. It erupts out of nowhere."

According to Depp's account in their dating, Heard could select out fights and improve them with demeaning language. He additionally stated that she could occasionally "strike out" whether or not it changed into a slap or a shove or throwing an item in his direction.
"It’s difficult to provide an explanation for however the argument could begin right here however it might roll round and come to be this round component of its personal," Depp stated. "You’d get returned to the beginning … now it’s heightened even extra and it’s nevertheless round, there’s no manner in or out."
In courtroom docket filings earlier than the trial, Heard stated she hit Depp simplest in self-protection or in protection of her more youthful sister, in step with The New York Times.

In a name returned to his testimony from Tuesday, Depp stated he could frequently be the only to stroll farfar from their arguments as it changed into a approach he found out as a youth. He instructed the courtroom docket the day earlier that his mom changed into bodily and verbally abusive, and this father could frequently take a seat down thru it flippantly till he ultimately left his spouse whilst Depp changed into a teen.
Depp stated the combat with Heard in Australia in 2015, whilst he changed into filming the 5th "Pirates of the Caribbean" film, that caused the top of his finger being severed.

He alleged that once Heard joined him in Australia, she changed into distraught over the concept of a postnuptial settlement.
"She changed into irate and he or she changed into possessed," Depp stated.

He testified that he locked himself in severa rooms withinside the rented domestic as Heard allegedly banged at the doorways and shouted obscene insults at him. After he felt that Heard had left, Depp stated that he went downstairs to the bar at the house in which he fed on  or 3 pictures of vodka.
Depp instructed the courtroom docket that at this factor, he have been abstaining from alcohol after Heard requested him to prevent consuming, describing him as a monster whilst he drank.

"Then she got here right all the way down to the bar and determined me there, and of route began out screaming, 'Oh, you’re consuming once more,' 'the monster,' and all that," Depp stated. "She walked as much as me, and reached and grabbed the bottle of vodka, after which simply form of stood returned and hurled it at me."
The bottle went beyond his head and smashed in opposition to the wall in the back of him, Depp stated. He then grabbed a 2nd bottle, a bigger one with a handle, and poured himself some other shot.

He testified that Heard then grabbed that bottle and it shattered after she threw it.
"I clearly didn’t sense the ache in the beginning at all … I felt heat … and I felt as though some thing have been dripping down my hand, you know," Depp stated. "And I seemed down and found out that the top of my finger have been severed and I changed into searching without delay at my bones sticking out."
The damage sparked "a few kind of anxious breakdown" in him, Depp instructed the courtroom docket, and he wrote at the partitions in his personal blood. What he wrote one the partitions "represented lies that she had instructed me," Depp stated.
Depp stated that his non-public medical doctor encouraged he visit the emergency room and that he lied to the medical doctor there approximately how he changed into injured. He later required surgery, he stated, and sustained an contamination in his finger after the damage.
The trial in Fairfax County, Virginia, is predicted to take weeks. A Fairfax choose dominated in 2019 that Depp changed into inside his rights to carry the case there due to the fact The Washington Post’s on-line variants are posted thru servers withinside the county.
Depp's testimony on Wednesday changed into paused for a morning recess, and then Heard's lawyers are predicted to start pass examination.

Heard changed into granted a shielding order in May 2016 after she alleged that Depp hit her withinside the face with a cellphone. She provided proof to the courtroom docket — a picturegraph of a bruise to her face — and claimed he pulled her hair, screamed at her and hit her again and again.
“During the whole thing of our dating, Johnny Depp has been verbally and bodily abusive to me,” Heard stated in a sworn statement on the time.

She additionally stated she lived in worry of Depp, pronouncing he had a “quick fuse” and terrorized her.

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